Amie Kaufman on Writing: A Podcast

Amie Kaufman on Writing is a podcast that tackles a new question about writing and publication every week. It’s starting in 2020.

Each episode is just five minutes long, and features an answer from Amie or another author on how to approach a particular issue. On the first Monday of each month, it’ll feature a book recommendation as well! It’s a podcast to listen to while you take a quick break, or to delve back into when you find yourself stuck on a specific problem. It’s for readers and writers — anyone who loves to think about how stories are told.

You can submit your question using the form below — if you’re stuck on one aspect of your work, or you’re wondering how your favourite author pulled something off, we’d love to hear from you!

Example questions:

How do I create chemistry between two characters, and build attraction in a way that’s believable?

How do I show worldbuilding without info-dumps, or characters telling each other things they already know?

How do I describe my characters without having them look in the mirror?

How do I make sure my characters sound different when I’m writing from more than one point of view?

Send your question!

  • We'll be saying your name on air, so please provide a pronunciation if you think we might need it! Or if you'd like to be anonymous, let us know.
  • We won't share it or subscribe you to anything, and we'll only use it if we need to clarify anything.
  • Your question should be specific rather than broad, and take no more than thirty seconds to read out loud—but feel free to add a little detail, or an example. We may lightly edit it for time or clarity, or combine it with similar questions.