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Please read all the way down to figure out the best person to contact with your question.


To contact Amie directly, email amiekaufmanauthor@gmail.com — please note that Amie is not able to send you an advanced copy or a review copy of any of her titles.

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Amie’s address is:
Amie Kaufman
PO Box 563
Mentone 3194

Signed Books:

If you’d like to have your book signed and you’re an Aussie, you can order an autographed copy by ringing Beaumaris Books on (03) 9589 4638. Amie is happy to pop in and sign and personalise it for you. If you’re international, you can always contact any of the bookstores where she’s scheduled to tour, to order in advance, or check places she’s been recently to see if they have signed stock.


For blurb requests, please contact Amie’s agent, Tracey Adams at Adams Literary. Please note that Amie prioritises blurb requests from debut authors, and authors from diverse backgrounds — a definition that includes, but is not limited to LGBTQIA+ authors, authors of colour or who are gender diverse, who are disabled, or otherwise identify as belonging to a minority group. Please also note that Amie has a packed schedule, so the more lead time, the better the odds she’ll have an opportunity to read.


For questions about rights to any of Amie’s books (including film rights), please contact her agent, Tracey Adams at Adams Literary.


For appearances in relation to These Broken Stars, This Shattered World and Their Fractured Light, please contact Jamie Baker (jamie.baker@disney.com) in the US, or Allen & Unwin (publicity@allenandunwin.com) in Australia.

For appearances in relation to Illuminae, please contact Aisha Cloud (acloud@penguinrandomhouse.com) in the US, or Allen & Unwin (publicity@allenandunwin.com) in Australia.

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