Illuminae 3


07, 2016 |

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The Illuminae Files

Coming in 2017, the third book in The Illuminae Files will conclude the story. Click here to add it on Goodreads, and subscribe to Amie’s newsletter to be reminded when it comes out!


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  1. Tangela says:

    Excellent point Lyn. Thta1#82&7;s part of what I was trying to get across. I see too many of us today just being robot thinkers. Someone else also made a really good point about asking CJ just exactly what he thought mommies and daddies do that would be fun for him to do when playing house. You’re initial thought may be dress up but it may be more nurturing or something else altogether. It’s mainly important as to why it’s important to CJ rather than what we or anybody else think why it’s important to him.

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