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BTW: Vale Vegetables, Sailing, Pitches, Pratchett And A New Look


02, 2011 |

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B: Beyond The Blog

Do you mind if we stay within the blog for a moment? As some of you have already noticed, this week was redesign week! I’ve still got the hammer and nails out, so I’d love your thoughts on anything you think works or doesn’t, or any suggestions you’ve got.The artwork in my head is by my friend Keet Leibowitz and the banner was put together by another of my talented friends, Kacey Smith.

Outside the blog it’s been a fantastic week! I’m in my revision groove and having a ball–who knew it was possible? My crew went out for a practice sail on Thursday, and when the wind changed on us, we ended up on a magical sail home in the dark, watching the lights along the shoreline and looking up to see the stars popping into view one by one overhead.

Some of you have also noticed that the vegetable garden hasn’t rated a mention in some time. Alas, it fell foul of builders and fencers with large boots and plenty of debris. Farewell, zucchini, squash, miniature lebanese eggplant. We lost you before your time. The garden will rise anew with winter crops soon. The tomatoes, being located in moveable pots, enjoyed far greater success. We were giving them away by the end of the season!

This weekend I’ll be sailing, visiting the market, going out for drinks, enjoying a Saturday night home-spa-girls’-night-in-with-trashy-TV with my friends Meg and Michelle, and having lunch with my blog buddy, the lovely Laura Hughes.

(Oh, wait, were you wondering about the llamas? With THE JENKINS JOURNALS marinating in a drawer and awaiting revision, I haven’t had a chance to use my llama blog tag in far too long. I know we all missed it.)

T: Things I Like

This post from agent Rachelle Gardner of WordServe Literary on what fiction editors look for. It makes a wonderful checklist.

This amazing competition from Shelley Watters. The prize? A full MS request from Suzie Townsend of Fine Print Literary Management!

The Italian Greyhound Club of America–my lovely friend Kacey helps coordinate their rescue, and has chosen to highlight this organisation intead of providing a personal link. They do wonderful work and they gratefully accept donations.

W: What I’m Reading

MAKING MONEY by Terry Pratchett. I fell in love with Pratchett at the age of thirteen when my cousin gave me THE LIGHT FANTASTIC. I’ve never looked back. I don’t know anybody as wickedly funny as Pratchett, or as clever, and nobody masters the way storytelling works like he does. MAKING MONEY is a part of the Discworld series, a sequel to GOING POSTAL. There’s really no way to do a quick review of a series that’s rapidly approaching books, but if you haven’t read Pratchett, consider this: until J.K. Rowling hit the scene, Pratchett was the UK’s best-selling author. His books have spawned their own conventions, won Prometheus and Carnegie awards, and they put you at serious risk of accidentally snorting your drink out your nose.

Have a great weekend! What do you have planned?

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