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Unearthed Preorder Giveaway

* The preorder campaign has now closed* Described as ‘Indiana Jones meets Lara Croft… in space’, and currently in development for film with director Doug Liman and Sony, Unearthed is out on January 9th, 2018.
Preorder now from:

*The preorder campaign has now closed.*

Preorder your copy, and you can get your hands on the following:

  1. The Threads We Weave — an exclusive e-short that takes you back to Amie and Meagan’s Starbound trilogy, set before the events of These Broken Stars. See below for details!
  2. Your name in a book! Three lucky winners will find their names in the sequel to Unearthed!
  3. An autographed bookplate especially designed to go in your book!


Okay, I preordered, how do I claim my prize?

One you’ve preordered, send your receipt to — make sure you include the following:

  1. Your name as you’d want it to appear in the sequel.
  2. Your mailing address, typed up exactly the way it needs to go on an envelope for your bookplate to be posted.
  3. Don’t forget your receipt — if it’s on paper, a picture with your phone is fine!

Is it international?

Parts 1 and 2 are available internationally. Part 3 — the bookplates — is unfortunately only available to US addresses, though internationals are welcome to buddy with a friend in the US for postage purposes.

If you’re an Aussie, you can see Amie and Meg on tour and get your book autographed personally! Just click here to check out their tour dates — and if they’re not visiting your city, their tour stops will ship.

If you’re not in the US and you’re not Aussie, we’re really sorry! You can team up with a friend who has a US address and get your bookplate posted to them, and you’re still eligible for the name competition and the short story.

What if I’m ordering the ebook/audiobook/I buy my books from a guy in an alley?

If you order it on or before January 9th 2018 and you can email a receipt for it, it counts.

But what about…

If you order it on or before January 9th 2018 and you can email a receipt for it, it counts.

What’s the e-short about?

Before These Broken Stars . . .

Tarver was a new recruit, learning to survive on—and off—the battlefield.

Lilac was a girl in a gilded cage, trapped in the glittering world of high society.

Flynn was a young rebel, snatching what joy he could beneath the starless skies of Avon.

Jubilee was an orphan, seeking justice after the violent uprising that killed her parents.

Gideon was a runaway, disappearing into the underbelly of Corinth to leave his past behind and become the Knave.

Sofia was a child of occupied Avon, sharpening her silver tongue and honing the art of the con.

What none of them knew was that the whispers were watching.

What none of them knew was that their steps were being guided.

In this series of exclusive e-shorts, bestselling authors Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner take you back to where it all began. Follow each of the six characters from the Starbound trilogy as they begin the journeys that will lead them to one another—and the destinies that bind them together.

When will I get the e-short?

It’ll be emailed out in batches starting on launch day, January 9th! You’ll get it by the end of the month.

How will you choose who gets their names in the sequel?

It will be a random drawing, so everyone has an equal chance. Please note you might be anything — a good character, a bad character, a morally ambiguous character, someone who lives or dies, the name of a business, an historical figure… the list is endless!

How do I claim my bookplate?

Your bookplate will automatically be sent to the address you provide when you submit your receipt, and will arrive by the end of January.

I’m still confused about something!

Use the contact page on this website and send through your query!

The Unearthed Duology: Unearthed . Unearthed 2